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Autumn is finally here. It’s that time again to wear sweaters, and hats. What I love about autumn are the colors, colors of the trees, the fallen leaves, and the ambiance. It’s so beautiful! I am hoping to spend more time outside this autumn and just be in love with the nature. Above are some of my favorite Autumn essentials such as thick coat, knitted tops, ankle boots, beanie hats, just to name a few.

What are your autumn essentials?


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“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Babygirl, we participated Treffis four times this week. Although, I want to do it five times in a week, there are still days that we just can’t. I am so happy though that you really like it. It definitely changed us. You are no longer shy to be with other people. You play with other kids and you participated each activities. It helps me realized also that somehow those things I thought I couldn’t do before is finally happening. I love to mingle with other kids and parents. This is just the beginning and I am hoping that things will go smoothly. We will continue to attend treffis as much as we can.

P.S. Rianna still loves picking berries and always wants to stay outside. She loves being outdoors. She likes to always grab my hands to play with her. Autumn is surely here, however the warm weather is still wants to stay for awhile, which for me is great!

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Reading Area For Toddlers


Reading area for toddlers maybe the best and essential part of their room. It’s best to encourage our children to love reading at an early age. Reading books is the best way to learn things. Reading area doesn’t have to be perfect or very nice. The most important is that it is accessible any time your child wants to read. They can reach the books easily, sit down and read.

I decided to paint this furniture in white, used to be a stand book case. Lie it down on the floor and arranged books there. Making it a nice bookcase for Rianna’s reading area. Although she is not interested in reading story books, I am glad she appreciated illustration and any picture books. She has many small story books, but she is more interested in eating book edges rather than reading. No joke! At almost three years old now, it seems that she still has itchy teeth and gums and loves to eat paper.

However, she loves books with pictures of many things such as fruits, vegetables, animals, etc. I like it, because I can teach her what those things about, what’s their name and colors. If I ask her, “where is apple” she would point out the apple picture in the book and says, “omena”, apple in finnish. Toddlers get bored easily, but it’s nice to do this at least once a day. We have to make sure that books are easy for them to reach.

reading area

All the books from the bottom left are old books from her elder siblings. I decided to display them as well rather than hide them in the closet. We do not buy Rianna too much books. We believe in the less the better. Trying not to overwhelm her, I only buy books which I think she would really use and love. Because who read books that much a day? As I have said earlier, Rianna doesn’t like to listen story telling. I don’t know why. However, she is interested to learn in other ways. She is still two, who knows time will come she will ask me to read her story books and get fascinated with story telling. But right now I love teaching her through illustration books.

I often rearrange this room though, but right now this is how her reading area looks like.

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