Current Favorites/ Gifts For Mickey Mouse Fans Kids


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Looking for gifts for Mickey mouse fans kids? Worry no more! Above I’ve compiled some cute things for a Mickey mouse lovers. Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift for our little one for their birthdays or Christmas. However, if we know they love something why not give it to them and make them happy? For those parents who have children who loves Mickey mouse here’s a short gift guide for you! Make your child happy and let them have the thing they adore such as these Mickey mouse goodies.

It’s quite funny how a little child adore a thing. It’s not even a secret that my toddler loves Mickey mouse so much. She is not tired of watching the mickey mouse clubhouse show and always wants to watch it all the time. I remember one afternoon I caught her laughing in the bedroom where she watched TV. I checked what the show was and it was mickey mouse clubhouse. She finds it so funny and makes her laugh. At that exact moment, I realized she loved that show. She has been watching it again and again since then.

My toddler loves Mickey mouse, and I know some other kids do the same. These things are perfect for them, the Mickey mouse fans.


Taking Stock / November

It has been awhile since I posted Taking Stock entry, I thought it’s time to evaluate what my life looks like lately and what I have been up to. As you’ve been notice I am not posting regularly anymore. I know, it’s quite surprising for me as well, but you know what I’ve never think about my blog lately and doesn’t even bother if I post once a week or none at all. I guess my priorities have change and I can say I focus so much studying the Finnish language. However, I am hoping that I can blog once in a while and continue what I’ve been doing before.


Making : sure I balance my time from studying and family.
Cooking : spring rolls which I have been craving for quite some time now.
Drinking : a lot of hot choco lately. It’s freezing right here!
Reading: school books and notes.
Wanting: to travel and wander so badly.
Looking: forward for the white Christmas to come.
Playing: with my little girl.
Wasting: time browsing shops online! Trying to find some Christmas presents for the love ones!
Wishing: to win the lottery.
Enjoying: every moment I am with my family.
Waiting: for the right moment that all my dreams will come true.
Liking: to have gained new friends at school.
Wondering: if I can find a decent job someday after school.
Loving: my busy life lately as a student.
Hoping: to buy a new handbag this Christmas ekkkk. Trying to save money for it :)!
Needing: a vacation right now. Somewhere where it’s warm and sunny.
Smelling: like roses in the garden.
Wearing: my cozy pjs.
Listening: to some country music and cute voice of my little girl singing nursery songs.
Following: some inspiring artists and photographers.
Noticing: how much my baby girl have grown so much lately. Hard to believe she’s turning 3 in less than a month!
Knowing: that I cannot do all things that I want because of so many hindrances.
Thinking: so many things right now; what I will do on Rianna’s birthday, what to buy for Christmas presents and her birthday gift etc. etc…
Feeling: blessed and grateful.
Giggling: after a great chat with my sistah. Love chatting with her all the time.
Feeling: happy, inspired and motivated.


Lastly, I hope everyone has a lovely week!

45-46 / 52


“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

45 / 52

Babygirl, we didn’t take many photos anymore lately. Life is just so busy. However, I want to finish this 52 project, so now I’m trying to take weekly photos even only through iPhone. We have few weeks left for this project to be over. This year has gone by so quickly. It’s almost Christmas and it’s hard to believe that in a few weeks you will be three. We had our first snowfall this week and the snow melted right away. It seems that winter is already here!


46 / 52

Babygirl, I am glad that you no longer cry when we bring you to the daycare. Things gets better now. You also play with other kids now and not play alone just like you used to. Today we went to the sports complex and along with other kids in town we played there and mingle with other kids. It was fun! I can say that my baby is growing and have became a busy toddler. I am so thankful to God that you are growing healthy and that you bring happiness to our lives.