52 Moments / 30- A Self Reminder


A Self Reminder

As a self-reminder to think of myself more often, aside from dealing with the crazy life. That I have to take care of myself too, and have time for myself. I am not a working mum, but I feel like my job as a stay-at-home mama is too much to handle. Literally, I am not busy doing things other than taking care of my daughter, who is very active and always need attention. I know, stay-at-home mom can relate to what I mean about this. Why do we always feel tired and exhausted? I cannot imagine how those other moms who have a toddler and a baby balance everything. It must have been very hard. However, the good thing about being a stay at home mom is being able to be there everytime your little one needs you. You’ve got to spend all your time with your child and there is nothing better than that. I treasured every moment I am with my daughter. I am so grateful for the chance and for being her mama. For me it’s a blessings!


These photos serves as a self-reminder for me to take care of myself more. I mean, look at those buggy eyes. This is to remind me to sleep early and have enough rest. I am a night owl, always have been. I don’t like to sleep early because I feel like I am wasting time when I can still do something else during those hours when I should be in bed already. Also, the little one doesn’t sleep early. So, so hard to put her to bed early. She normally sleeps at around 9pm or sometimes past 10. When she falls asleep, that’s also the time when I can catch up things. Check on email, social media, other blogs, etc. Also, time for me to edit photos and write blog posts. When I am lazy to do those things. I normally just sat down beside hubby watching movies together in the living room, and sometimes crush candies. Yes, I also play candy crush, which for me a way to clear up my busy and cluttered mind. We normally go to bed at midnight!

With that being said, late bedtime equals late getting up. This somehow will change when I start going to school. I am hoping they would finally schedule me for a class next year. I don’t think I can stay home for another year or so. I need to do something for myself as well. Need to study the language and hopefully find job someday.

Lastly, a self reminder for me to focus and do things that I really love like photography and blogging. I lost interests in photography thing and I feel like I don’t know how to take good photos anymore. I recently got Lightroom editing software. I tried to edit my recent and previous photos only to get frustrated because the photos are either overexposed or underexposed which for me is so hard to edit. So, now I am back to studying my camera features. Watch video tutorials and did a lot of research about this photography thing.


A self reminder: always be grateful, take care of yourself, and do things that you love and makes you happy.


35 / 52

35 of 52
“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Babygirl, this week has been a busy fun week for all of us. It’s raining almost everyday, but it doesn’t stop us from going outside the house. We went to the Treffis few times this week. On Monday, we went there for the first time without dada. Oh well, it wasn’t that hard actually. I thought it was going to be awkward joining in with the other mamas and kids, but actually it was great. You enjoyed playing with other kids, and you participated all the tasks. I know this is good for you and so I want to bring you there as much as I can. We will try to participate as much as we can because this is what’s best for you. This is also good as a preparation before you go to the daycare in a few months.

Anyway, you were sick last night. I am glad you are okay now. I think it is because of the weather which started getting colder and always raining. A sign that summer is ending soon. We are back to sweater days. sigh!
35 of 52a

P.S. sorry for the long absence this week. As you all know I moved this blog to wordpress, and until now I am still getting use to it, and besides I am busy with the every day life. Family comes first, as they say. I am going to school in a few months, and so I wanted to spend my time with my girl now that I still have time and not so busy yet. I’m going to miss her when schooling starts, that’s for sure!

Current Favorites / Best Prom Dresses

prom dresses

These days looking for a perfect prom dresses or any evening dresses in any special occasion isn’t that hard anymore. You can find it in any boutique near you. There are also several online boutiques that sell beautiful dresses like the Aviva Dress online store. They are selling different kinds of trendy fabulous special occasion dresses such as prom dresses, evening dresses, and cocktail dresses. They sell gorgeous and beautiful bridesmaid dresses as well, perfect for a wedding day. The price I think is just reasonable if you really want to look great and beautiful on your special day or special night. Either you want a short dresses or a long dresses whichever you want you can find that in Aviva Dress site. You can also decide what color you like you will be wearing, could it be red, black, white, pink, blue, etc. They have a variety of dresses to choose from and you can pick any style  and color you prefer.

Above are my favorite dresses from the shop. Honestly, it is so hard to pick because all these dresses are beautiful. However, I really enjoyed browsing the site. They have so many nice dresses that I really like. Personally, I love long dresses because I think they are beautiful and will look good on me. I don’t like to show my legs, so a long dress is what’s best for me. I also like A-line sleeveless style dresses. I think it’s sexy and fabulous!

Moreover, I remember on my junior prom back in high school days I designed my own prom gown and have the local tailor made it for me. It was a lovely pink dress in silk. I was so happy and proud that I’ve designed my own dress. I really think I was beautiful and perfect wearing it. My prom night was the best! Every girl deserves to look perfect on their special night, right? Aviva Dress has a variety of prom dresses that I really like. Check out their 2014 prom dresses and find your lovely dress.

So, what do you think of these dresses? Which one is your favorite? As for me, I like all of them, but if I have to pick just one I would choose the blue dress. It looks so elegant.

What are your current favorites?

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34 / 52

34 of 52

“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Babygirl, here we are at week 34 on this 52 project. Almost finishing the 52 weeks. I have to look closer and stare at these photos because you look so grown up here. I have a little panic attack… my baby girl has growing up quickly. You’ve become so talkative lately. You love to sing all the time and dance too. You want to spend outside and play even though its not warm anymore.

This week has gone by so quickly. We went to Treffis two days in a row. That was nice despite the cold and rainy season we’re having right now! Summer is almost over and we are back to jacket days. It was nice to meet other kids and parents. You seem enjoyed playing there with other kids. We are hoping and trying to participate treffis whenever we can. It’s best for you little girl!

34 of 52a 34 of 52b

Roses In The Garden

roses in the garden

I really like that the roses in the garden are now in full bloom. It’s just sad that soon when the weather gets colder these roses won’t stay alive as what they have now. But I am not going to think about that now. What matters is that I love to see them produced a lot of beautiful flowers. They added colors in the yard. I really like pink and red roses. Despite the crazy weather these roses made it to bloom and survive. Yesterday, I decided to picked few of these roses and put them on a vase. Somehow, they made me smile in an instant.

It’s been a while since I take this kind of photos. When I was doing my project 365 last year I always took nature photos such as flowers and little things. I love photography as much as I love eating and baking. Sometimes the lack of gear discourages me. For example, I really want a 50mm lens and a macro lens, however I am not sure if those things are worth to buy. But I know I will use them and would love using them. I don’t know what genre of photography I really like and capable of doing. But I love exploring and doing lots of practice. I love portrait, macro and nature photography. I am not a professional in any means, but I am willing to learn. I am also thinking of maybe enrolling an online photography class and invest on a professional camera. It’s just not my priority right now! And so I will just be happy with what I have and will use it as I learn through! Okay, I am so into this right now because I’ve discovered 500px which I joined here. And, of course I am so over inspired now in photography.

Anyway, I hope you like these roses I captured from our garden. I am also hoping that they will survive in the coming winter. I would love to see them again bloom next summer. Last winter was terrible, some of the roses especially the yellow ones died and didn’t survive. I was sad because in fairness they aren’t cheap to buy ha ha :)! So, fingers crossed they will survive and still alive until next summer.

Enjoy the roses in the garden photos. Happy Sunday lovelies!