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“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Babygirl, you’re quite not happy being at the daycare at all. But I know this is just in the beginning. You are still adjusting and I know everything is not easy now. It was hard to leave you there crying. It really broke my heart, but it’s for our own good and for our future. This week we’re both sick, having flu. Although, I feel better now you still have colds. This is due to the cold weather we are having lately. Winter is almost here. It is very cold and freezing already!

P.S An old photos of her. Didn’t talk descent photos this week for the project 52.



3 Star Themed Fall Bonding Activities With Your Daughter

Fall Bonding Activities

With the cold weather coming in, there’s no better way to bond with your daughter than a fun themed weekend with educational activities. One of the most popular fall themes are stars. Whether it’s on a cupcake or a Christmas tree, or even printed on your clothing, you can use this classic fall shape to have a fun-filled day of bonding and learning. What’s even better is that it all starts with something as simple as kids robes. Curious to know how a kids bathrobe creates a day of fun?

Here are three fun filled star themed activities (that also use a bathrobe) for you and your daughter to have an amazing weekend.

Star Themed Fall Bonding Activities With Your Daughter:

Star waffles and constellation cupcakes.

Start your morning by leaving a bathrobe (that matches yours) outside her bedroom door or next to her bed. Call her down to breakfast where you’ve prepared star shaped pancakes and are wearing your own matching bathrobe. (Make your pancakes the regular way and then use a large or a medium size star shaped cookie cutter to cut out star shapes from the pancake. The other option is to pour the batter into the metal cookie cutter on a flat surface so that the pancake cooks in a star shape. Then cover with toppings and serve them).

While you’re eating your star themed breakfast, have a book of the stars and constellations ready to read. Have her pick a few favorites that are visible from your house during the fall for the next activity. When she has finished her pancakes, pull out some pre baked and iced cupcakes.

Next take fun cupcake sprinkles in shine silver balls or even star shaped sprinkles and have your daughter create her favorite constellations from the stories on each. Put these away for your activity tonight.


Bringing Constellations to Life

Once you’ve learned about the constellations while decorating cupcakes with their shapes, it’s time to have some fun with them. Get out your favorite crayons, markers and finger paints to draw out the star patterns onto construction paper. You’ll want to create two sets.

Next fill the first set in with the actual mythological creature from the stories with markers, paint, crayons or whatever her favorite art supplies are. Because you are already wearing robes, it doesn’t matter if you get splashed with paint because your clothing is protected. You can throw the robes into your washer and they can be ready for the evening when you’ll need them again.

While she’s painting in the first set of print outs, take a whole punch and punch out the shapes from the other sheets of paper. Once she’s drawn her favorite constellation heroes and villains, have her create a new story about one of their adventures. She can tell you the story and then act it out.

Now it’s time for the educational part. Turn off all of the lights so the room is dark and use a flashlight behind the constellation cutouts. Let her guess which each is and then say where it will be in the sky tonight. This is a great way to help her learn what to look for when you go out for the next activity.

Once she finishes guessing all of the stars and constellations, you can reward her with one of the cupcakes, but only if you hold one up and she can name the right constellation on the cupcake.

Night Time Brings the Stars to Life

Now that its night time and the fall air is crisp. Put your matching bath robes back on for warmth, get a couple of cupcakes and go outside. You and your daughter can sit under the stars and enjoy your constellation cupcakes while looking at the star patterns you’ve studied all day.
You can take turns finding constellations and telling the stories of them and when you finish your cupcakes, have your daughter pick out a star cluster and name it after the two of you. It can represent the day you spent together but more importantly, the bond you created over bathrobes, baking and having fun learning with each other.

Studying Finnish Language / My First Two Weeks

studying Finnish language
If you are reading this blog constantly or following me on my social media accounts you knew that I have just started going to school to study Finnish. I have been talking about this course like forever, and finally here I am now a full-time student studying the Finnish language. The course will run for one year with only two holidays, the summer break and the Christmas break. The goal is to learn to speak and understand Finnish. I am very excited about this one because this is really what I need to do. So yeah, this is just another days in my life to embrace the new and accept the challenges. I am so positive and motivated to study and learn the language every day.

In my first two weeks at school, I can say that I have learned few things that I have not learned before. Sure, I do speak basic words and sentences at home, but learning at school is more advance. I learned what the Finnish verbs are and its types and categories. And how to use them in different ways, the vowels, consonants, even learned to construct a sentence in a correct grammar. Finnish is one of the hardest language in the world. It is so complicated and it takes a lot of time and effort to learn. It’s best to learn with a teacher rather than learning it by yourself. I have tried to study at home, reading books and do a lot of online research before, but for me Finnish is just so hard to learn. Now that I am studying the Finnish language I can say that it is much easier to learn if you have a teacher and if you do it with others where you all can learn at same time.

I have many classmates from different countries. I couldn’t be happier having a classmate who came from the same country as I am whom I can speak with my own language. I feel so blessed! Also, not every one of us in the class can speak English. It’s really hard to understand each other if no one speak the same language. English is the international language and I believe that everyone should learn to speak English especially if they want to visit another country where the dialect is so hard to understand. In Finland, although some can speak English especially the young individuals, there are still some who doesn’t know the language. Finnish language is part of the culture in Finland and if you want to live and have a life here, try your best to learn their language. Otherwise, you won’t find a job and cannot communicate with the locals.

Everyday I’ve tried to speak Finnish. My husband and I always talk in English but now I asked him that we should be talking in Finnish rather than in English so I can learn fast. Sometimes when you used to speak the language it’s hard to change. English always come to my mouth first. But now that I am studying Finnish language I will really try my best to speak Finnish in my everyday life. As they’ve said, keep talking Finnish and just forget about English for awhile. This way you will learn easily and faster.

I am hoping to learn to speak and write Finnish in the following weeks or months as I continue with my studies. My goal is to learn it slowly but surely. This isn’t going to be easy, but if I am passionate about it I know I will succeed. I am hoping to blog Finnish as well someday. Wish me luck!