Style For Littles: Hot Summer Day

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

She's wearing: Nameit Dress; 

It is super humid lately. I feel pity to this girl as she sweat all the time even when sleeping. There is no question, summer is really here and we can feel it 100%. This past few days I decided to walk with Rianna to the beach. The only way she would nap is to put her on the stroller and walk. It takes more than 30 minutes from our house to the beach. I am sweating a lot while walking because it is very, very hot! However, I cannot complain, and I won't complain. Summer in Finland is shorter than winter, so I have to enjoy every minute of it. I'm not into winter type of person. I get cold so easily. So imagine the benefit you can get from an afternoon walk. Rianna naps peacefully on her stroller, while I walk fast, sweating like I am having a workout. It was good!

As soon as we arrived at the park, I rested and relax. Wind there is cold so it feels so refreshing. I have time to recharge my battery while my little one is napping. I read a book and listen to music while enjoying the view. As soon as she wakes up, we play and run around. 

One afternoon I took these photos of her. I like the way she wore that hat. Too cute!

52 Moments / 27- An Ice Cream Date

Monday, July 28, 2014

An Ice Cream Date

As a parents, we make a certain rules and oftentimes we are the same person who break those rules. Before Rianna can eat anything, aka when she was still a baby hubby and I decided to make a rule regarding her food and drink diet. She is not allowed to eat candies, cakes, cookies, ice cream and anything sweets and junk foods. She is not allowed to drink soft drinks or any kind of drinks other than water and milk. Yes, even juice we do not allow her. We do not know how much sugar even a fresh fruit juice can have. However, we always encourage her to eat fruits and vegetables. 

As time passes by, hubby has a habit of eating candies or ice cream during nights while watching TV. And that's the time when Rianna had her first taste of ice cream. At first it was only just for testing and it was okay. But lately, she now wants to grab your ice cream if she see you eating. She is two and a half year old, and now we let her eat ice cream. Well, it's also because of the hot summer weather. So we decided okay let her eat ice cream, as long as it is not always.

To make the story short, Rianna had her first ice cream cone last weekend. We went to the city center and ate ice cream, the three of us. She seem so happy about it. That was the only time she had one ice cream, though. After that, we are back to just let her taste and eat little, not the whole ice cream. I still do not like the idea of it. I do not like that she will get use to it and think it was okay. 

Moreover, we finally had boating this week. As I mentioned on this post, we went to an island which has a better beach than what we have here. It was nice and we had so much fun. We also went to Helsinki and explore some tourists attraction in the city. Bucket list checked and I am glad. There's still a lot of things that I want to do this summer though, but one thing at a time. Slowly but surely!

How's your summer everyone?

30 / 52

Sunday, July 27, 2014

"A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Babygirl, it is very humid lately and this is how you look like- messy sweaty hair. We surely enjoying the summer, however its just so hot! This week, we had a new walking route. We went to the park near the beach. While you're having a nap, I had my time to relax. When you woke up we played and then walk on our way home. During night time you were sweating a lot. It is very hot in our room even the window is open. This week, we stay outside as much as we can.