Easter Basket Surprise

April 19, 2014

Happy Easter 2014 Everyone!

Although this isn't Rianna's first Easter, this is the first time that we gave her an Easter basket. Last year however, I took Easter photos of her with Easter eggs and bunnies. This year, I decided to give her an Easter basket goodies  as she is big enough to understand presents or gifts. In her Easter basket I put some books, clothes, fairy dolls and some Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies. She loves dolls, especially these fairy dolls. She was so excited and happy as soon as she saw these dolls. 

So, that was Rianna's Easter basket surprise this year!

Did you do Easter basket as well?

Easter Eggs Decorating By Rianna

April 18, 2014

Today's blog post is brought to you by my favorite girl in the world, Rianna who was very cooperative in doing this project. I am so grateful and proud of her for participating and actually doing this. She decorated all these eggs with a little help by me. 

How To Decorate Easter Eggs:

1. To decorate the eggs you will need nail polish in different colors. At least 3-4 colors.  You also need eggs (plastic or real) and water. 
2. First, add water in a bowl or a glass. 
3. Put nail polish into the water and then soak the eggs one by one. 
4. Let them dry by putting them in the egg tray.

We used real eggshells. I made a little hole in the egg and carefully remove the egg white and yolks. Then, I washed them with water and let it dry. We also used four nail polishes, yellow, black, (not shown), red and pink. 

How we did this: I prepared the eggshells by removing the contents, wash them and let them dry. I used a carpet/rug so the floor won't get wet in case Rianna will get wild. I then put water in a bowl and then sprinkle or add nail polishes into the water. I showed Rianna how to put eggs in the water. And, then I let her do the rest. She had fun soaking/dipping the eggs into the water while I tried to capture photos as fast as I could. 

It was really nice seeing Rianna enjoyed doing this. I can say we had so much fun together. I am so thankful that she was participating. I look forward to doing more crafts with her. Now, I know she is also interested in this kind of thing aside from playing and running around. 

Anyway, today is Good Friday. It's holiday here until Monday. Rianna and I did a little fasting today. It's very warm outside, 12'c. We will go out later after Rianna's nap. (If ever she will nap, still awake and it's past 3pm already). It seems that spring is really here. 

Finnish Easter Tradition (Pääsiäinen)

Good Friday friends. Today is the beginning of Easter holidays here. I hope you will have a great holidays with your family and friends. Easter Sunday is in two days. I have researched and will share to you some of the Finnish Easter tradition. Rianna is still too small to participate as Easter witches, so I decided to do the Easter egg hunting with her instead. 

Here are few of the Finnish Easter Traditions.

Easter Witches:

In Finland witches came out during Easter. Young children especially girls dress up as witches in colorful old clothes and painting freckles and rosy checks on their faces and whisking birch twigs decorated with feathers and crepe paper. Those little witches will go door to door bringing decorated twigs as blessings to drive away evil spirits in return for treats or coins. Finnish households will then prepare basket of chocolate easter eggs and sweet treats for the witches to come. 

This tradition is performed on Palm Sunday by children from Orthodox families in Southeast Finland, and on Holy Saturday by kids from the Lutheran families of Western Finland.

Easter Egg Hunting For Children:

The eggs whether hard-boiled, chocolate or candy eggs are hidden in the house or outside in the garden by parents. And then, the children are sent outside and can keep whatever Easter goodies they find.

Passion Plays, Oratorios and Bonfires:

In many western Finnish villages, bonfires are still lit to drive away evil spirits on the evening of Easter Saturday, when well-attended church services are also held to prepare to commemorate the Resurrection.

Easter Cuisine:

Roast lamb is the most common main course for a Finnish Easter Sunday family dinner. Two seasonal local desserts are also widely enjoyed. Mämmi is a sludgy-looking dark brown pudding made of malt and rye flour. It is traditionally served in birch bark trays, but is now available in food stores round the country every spring in prepacked in cardboard cartons. Although I haven't tasted it yet, they said that it tastes delicious especially when served with cream and sugar.

Pasha is a creamy-coloured pudding made of sweetened homemade cheese, eggs, cream and seasonings left overnight to solidify – traditionally in a mould decorated with religious motifs, especially in eastern Finland where the influence of Orthodox Christianity is more prevalent.

What are the Easter traditions in your country?

Sweet Treats: Easter Cake

April 17, 2014

It's Easter week here at Aka Chymecindy blog. As you have noticed this week I am sharing all about Easter and tradition. Today I am going to share an easy Easter cake. It is a very delicious cake, perfect to make on Easter Sunday.

How To Make Easter Cake

You Will Need:

2 layers of sponge or chiffon cake
20 or more small easter egg candies
3 Easter bunny chocolates
Whip cream


1. Lay down one layer of cake.
2. Add whip cream on top.
3. Put the other layer of cake on top.
4. Add whip cream.
5. Decorate with easter bunny chocolates in the middle and sprinkle the easter eggs around the cake.

DIY: Easter Basket For Kids

April 16, 2014

In Finland, not all households do egg hunting on Easter Sunday. We never do that back home either. However, I thought that egg hunting with your little one is fun and exciting. So this year I am going to start a family Easter tradition. I am planning to hide eggs around the house and let Rianna find them on Easter Sunday morning. I am not sure how things will go, but I am quite excited for her, and cannot wait to see her reaction. 

I made her a basket that she can use for egg hunting. I just used an old basket and decorated it. Below is the quick tutorial on how I made this cute Easter basket in case you want to make one too. 

DIY: Easter Basket

You Will Need:

A basket
White paper
Paper Flower (tutorial here)

What To Do:

1. Cover your basket with white paper.
2. Using glue attach the paper flower to the basket until the whole basket is fully covered.
3. Cover the basket handle with a ribbon.
4. Tie or make a bow on both sides  of the handle with different color ribbons.
5. You're done.