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One month holiday went by so quickly. It wasn’t really a good one due to the bad weather, but I love the fact that I was able to spend more time with my family. I had enough time to rest too. It rains everyday and it’s not fun to stay outside when it’s cold. Anyhow, there are also warm days normally on the weekends and it was those days when we went to the park and sometimes just play in the backyard with baby girl. Could be jumping on trampoline, play in the playhouse or pick wine berries.

On Sundays we went to the park near the lake to sell some old stuffs. There’s a nice and big park nearby and we also bring Yanna there. She enjoyed playing and loves the swing so much! This place is one of my favorite to visit in summertime. This is really nice and I like that I can see the sea from not so far away. I took few photos while we were there one Sunday morning. Here they are!


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Sleeping Moments

I watched her sleep every single night and day since she was born. I’d love to do it all the time every single day. She reminds me how blessed I am to have such a lovely child as her. I’ve dreamed my entire life to have my own daughter one day, and I couldn’t be happier for having her in my life. I treasured every seconds I’ve spent with her.  Life is so precious and I feel so lucky having been blessed a child I can call mine!

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31 / 52

31 of 52
“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Babygirl, yesterday we had whole day road trip. This time we went to other side of Finland. We were driving to Lahti. The weather wasn’t perfect but warm enough to spend outside. You were asleep for an hour and was so well behaved during the trip. We saw lovely views along the way. So nice to drive around the countryside. Full of trees and lots of lakes and the view was spectacular. I would love to discover more and see what this country could offer.

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29-30 / 52

29 of 52

“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Babygirl, it’s rainy this week. Not the best summer so far. I took these photos of you one rainy afternoon. Looking at these photos made me realized how much you have grown so much! I looked at you and I can see me. You are my mini me. So lucky to have you as my own. I love you, baby girl! 

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Road Trip

On Saturday the whole family went on a short road trip to Kouvula. It was sunny and warm and was a perfect day for adventure. We don’t always drive somewhere and even this place isn’t so far from where we live, I haven’t been able to visit.

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