Rannalla Leikkimässä


Last weekend we went to the beach. There’s a little play area there, this huge boat where kids can climb, slide and play. It was sunny day and quite warm. The kids enjoyed playing and running around including Rianna who never want to stop sliding. There were also other families and kids having fun playing. It was such a fun day!


Viikonloppuna kävimme myös rannalla leikkimässä. Siellä on mukava puinen vene, jossa lasten on kiva kiipeillä ja laskea liukumäistä. Siellä oli paljon muitakin perheitä. Välillä oli jopa ruuhkaa, kun kaikki lapset olivat samaan aikaan laivassa. Rianna tykkäsi kovasti laskea liukumäestä. Ja Rianna uskalsi kokeilla myös kiipeämistä. Hauskaa oli. -A.




















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19-20 / 52

20 of 52
“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Babygirl, this week the weather is great. We started to clean the backyard finally. We also spent more time outside now. On Friday our friend came over. You and Ronja played together. It’s nice to see you both play and talk together. Although, you both speak different languages and it’s quite funny. Today, we went to the beach and took these photos. I am late again doing this project, but hoping to catch up next time.
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My First Chatbooks Instagram Series / Everyday Moments


About two months ago, I received my first eight volumes of my chatbooks instagram series photo books. I was so excited to open the package and was so happy to see my eight beautiful little photo books. I was so thrilled to open each book and was so happy how beautiful and cute they are.

I am currently trying to complete a 60-page book every month. I tried to update two photos a day and complete the months with 60 instagram photos. I would like to have one book each month. This is the best way to document everyday life. I called my chatbooks instagram series as “Everyday Moments” as this book is indeed an everyday life’s documentation. I would like to continue doing this as much as I am capable of doing so. Weeks, months and years passes by so quickly and what better way to document everyday moments is to capture them in books. Something you can treasure forever!

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Eats / Fried Salmon With Pepper Sauce


Salmon fish maybe the healthiest and the common fish here in Finland. And while it is good and healthy it can be very expensive too. Well, fish in general is quite expensive here to say the least. However, eating chicken and pork everyday is quite boring and sometimes fish is so good not to try to. At least, once in a week we eat fish at home. Normally, I cooked salmon fish in the oven. But sometimes when I want something different, I also want to fry them. That’s why today I am sharing you this quick and easy recipe- “Fried Salmon with pepper sauce” for you to try also. Pepper sauce is so good with salmon fish especially when the fish is fried.

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Rianna’s Art / 003 – Mother’s Day


Since attending at daycare center, I always received a card that Rianna made in every occasion. She has made so many cards and other crafts and I kept them safely in one place. This week she made this beautiful Mother’s Day card for me. I was so excited to open it. She used yellow card and envelop. I wonder how they know my favorite color? It’s so nice to receive this kind of present. Such a special thing a mother can receive from their child on Mother’s Day! Really made my day. I am so proud of my daughter. I love her so much! Thank you baby girl for this wonderful gift. Mama loves it so much!

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