Style For Littles / Let’s have a walk!

She’s wearing: Top: Zara; Shorts: H&M, Sandals;

It’s really nice that the weather is warmer now. That finally we can go outside with just a pair of shorts, sandals and t-shirts. It’s really nice that we are now experiencing summer. So very happy about it. This morning, baby girl and I went for a walk, just around the neighborhood. We were singing and laughing and I felt so happy that I have a chance to do it with her. That’s what I really wanted, to spend more time with her. She has been more talkative lately, and it’s nice to have a little chitchats with her, even though I couldn’t understand some of her words. But I am happy of what she has become. Happy, talkative and sweet little girl.

Here’s some photos I took earlier. She is always excited to go walking and doesn’t want me to hold her hands. Well, you know… like a big girl!







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Summer Holiday Begins


And so summer holidays has finally begun. Today is the last day of school before we all say goodbye to everyone and enjoy the holidays. We will have a month of school break to enjoy summer. At least half of the class didn’t come to school today. Everyone has different plans for the summer. Some will travel somewhere, some just stays home including me. I don’t have any special plans for this holidays except to just celebrate and have some quality time with the family and friends. I would love to just rest, play outside with my girl and spend time outside enjoying the sun.

I also would like to stay productive this summer. I would love to do things what I normally do before I started going to school. I would love to bake again, take countless photos, walk to the beach and hopefully write more blog posts. It’s sad how I’ve ignored this space for a while. One or two blog posts in a month. I know it’s unfair for those who check here from time to time for new updates and ended up coming here reading a weeks or months old posts. Anyway, here I am on a summer break. I’ve tried to write again frequently especially now that I have enough time to do it.

Moreover, imagine how happy I am now that the summer holidays has begun. No school means, no more morning rush to school, no more homework to do at night, no more tests to study. No more stress, no more boring classes :)! Well, at least for the whole month of July. The sad part though is that, I am also going to miss everyone. Anyways, one month isn’t that long to pass by quickly, isn’t it?

I hope everyone has a lovely and fun summer break. See you all in a month!





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23- 24 / 52

24 of 52
“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Baby girl, we had family reunion yesterday June 13th for the Henriksson’s family. It was nice to see all our relatives again. It was such a nice day. The weather was sunny and although it was a little bit windy it was still feel like summer because it was warm. There were plenty of games and everyone were having fun including you babygirl who by the way loves to trow stones to the sea.

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23 / 52

23 of 52

Baby girl, this was the time you and your father visited a farm few minutes away from town. There were different kinds of animals and you were so happy to see them in real.

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Happy Midsummer!


Happy Midsummer Day Finland! Hyvää Juhannuspäivää Suomi! Today isn’t warm. It’s in fact a rainy weekend. There were many events yesterday in town to celebrate midsummer but I decided to stay home. I don’t feel inspired as the weather is bad. :) Really felt lazy to go out.

Anyway, it’s been a while since my last post here. I feel so distant in the blogging world lately. But also I don’t want to just stop from blogging. I mean, I love this space of mine on the internet. It’s different now that I have something else better to do than stay home and blog. I enjoyed being at school, studying and learning the language. I can already see a better future waiting for me. Just need to be more patience and try a little bit harder. There is always a perfect timing for everything. And I do hope to have a nice profession in Finland. Different from what I had back in the Philippines. Looking forward for that time to come!

Anyway, I took these photos few weeks ago when spring just started. I miss taking this kind of photos, flowers and macro shots. These flowers had already disappear too. Summer must be here already, but still the weather isn’t warm. Oh well!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And happy midsummer again to everyone. DSC_0809








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22 / 52

22 of 52
“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Babygirl, it feels like summer already this weekend. Yesterday, we spent whole day outside. We were in the yard just enjoying the warm weather. You were playing in trampoline while I took these photos. It was nice to finally stay outside with just a shirt and shorts on. Need not to wear jackets anymore! I am hoping that the weather will continue like this. It’s June tomorrow and supposed to be summer already.

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