DIY: Little House Advent Calendar

So, I managed to make our own advent calendar this year. It’s called “Little House Advent Calendar”. I decided to make my own advent calendar because I want it to be unique and customized. Rianna is almost three now and I am not sure if she can appreciate this kind of thing already, but this is for her. When I finished doing this little house advent calendar Rianna starts playing there. She is one lucky girl. All these presents are real, and all for her. There is a rule though, she cannot open those presents until Christmas eve. However, we can count the days until Christmas. It’s quite exciting, isn’t it?


Here’s how I made this advent calendar…

Little House Advent Calendar

You Will Need:

A dollhouse
Christmas garland of any color you prefer
Christmas lights
Real presents wrapped and decorated
A tag and numbers

1. First grab all the boxes and all the presents.
2. Using a Christmas wrapping paper wrap the presents and add some ribbon on it.
3. Attached the numbers tag into each presents. (For the tag, I cut a round shaped glittery paper. I cut another star shaped white paper and wrote each numbers 1-24, then attached each to the glitter paper.)
4. Arrange the presents into the house.
5. Decorate with the garland and Christmas lights.
6. Done!


This project is time consuming, so make sure to do this earlier if you like. I am so busy so obviously this is quite late. But I am happy that I finished it just in time. Okay, before December 1! I will try to make it earlier next time :).

To be honest it’s hard to find 24 presents to wrap as we tried not to buy Rianna too much toys, especially the tiny ones. She is also not allowed to eat candies so I cannot just put any candies and chocolates. What’s inside of these presents are mostly clothes, books, etc. I hope she will like them. Scroll below to see more photos of this Little House Advent Calendar. I hope it gives you an idea in case you want to make one too!



.. I think she likes it, don’t you think?:)

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“A portraits of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Babygirl, it snowed last Friday leaving us a lot of snow that makes our place looks like a wonderland. It was so pretty. Everything was white. I took advantage of the time and took several snow photos. It seems that we don’t get too much snow this year. But the winter has just started though, so who knows so much snow are coming up later. Meanwhile, let’s countdown the days before your birthday. Not too long anymore!


First Snowfall 2014


I am so happy this morning when I woke up and saw these view outside.The first snowfall 2014. Well, we had snow a few weeks ago but it was melted right away. But today it’s just so pretty outside. It is truly a winter wonderland here right now. It was snowing yesterday afternoon until evening. And it’s going to snow again later today. Just like last year, we didn’t get so much snow compared to the previews winters. Normally Finland is covered with snow as early as November. Well, we live in the south and is not very cold compared in the north where they already had snow as early as October. It is really pretty here like you are walking in your dream, and of course it’s cold. You just have to wear proper winter outfit so you won’t get freeze.

I took these photos early this morning around our neighborhood and in our backyard. I also took a short video and will upload it on youtube so I can share it with you guys. I am hoping to take some more later today. Hopefully I can take more photos of snow falling from the sky this afternoon.

You can’t really tell how much I love snow when everything turns white. We will see my next reaction when I walk going to school early in the morning and the streets I am walking is full of snow. It’s like good luck to me for that, hehehehe!

Anyway, enjoy the first snowfall 2014 photos here in South of Finland. I hope you like them. Happy weekend lovelies!