“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013”
18 Months Old week 1
(79 weeks old)
Rianna: Messy growing fast hair. Just let it blow by the wind and fly.
Dear Babygirl, 
I noticed how much your hair grows fast lately. I’d love to tie them but sometimes or most of the time you really do not like your hair being tied. So yeah just let it blow by the wind and fly. Today is the only sunny day in this week. I hope next week will be hot and sunny. I love having barbecues everyday and have lunch at the backyard. It’s fun and refreshing. 
This week isn’t really a good one. I hate to mention it here but for future reference I think I have to…. late in the afternoon one day you were playing the piano with mama when she noticed the house full of smoke. It was so scary when mama saw 3 stoves on. The pan was very hot and the rice inside the pan have burned and turned black and so smelly. It causes so much smoke around the house. Dada was very angry. Since that day we put some stove cover so you cannot touch it anymore. 
You’re becoming so curios and naughty. And we need to watch whatever you do! 
Love, Mama



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