“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013”
80 weeks old
Dear Babygirl,
This weekend we celebrate Midsummer, Juhannus päivä. It’s your second midsummer. We went to dada’s brothers house and we ate a lot of fish and pork bbq and some cakes. You were scared at them at first but then later on you were happy playing with your uncles. You were such a happy kid and social and that’s how much I loved about you. 

So the summer has finally started. It’s always nice to see you play outside and doesn’t matter if you wear clothes or not because it is very warm. The only thing that makes me worried is the mosquitos. A lot of them in our yard and you always scratch your legs. I hope you won’t get any allergies again. Somehow, even though we didn’t fix your playhouse still it’s a good place for you to play cooking and tea etc…. Maybe we cannot fix it this summer. but we’re hoping we will next summer. That little house will be pretty if there’s little bed and chairs there. And lots of toys. Yeah hopefully next year.

You’re almost perfect in holding a spoon when you eat. I’m glad you’re trying and I know someday you will know how to eat with spoon perfectly and clean. Right now there’s a lot of messy adventures when you eat, but that’s fine. Always learning everyday. And i am glad you’re glowing healthy, although you give headaches to mama sometimes. But i love you, no matter what.

Love, Mama




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