“A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2013”
81 weeks old
Dear baby girl,
Here we are with our weekly updates again. We are now in our 26 weeks. This week has been tough for me and dada. But you know things are like that sometimes but we’re trying to make it work and understand each other more. So hot this week baby girl, above 20’c almost everyday. We loved it very much, especially you! We just let you play outside wearing diapers only. It’s good to expose your skin in the sun. You enjoyed playing sand in the yard and you enjoyed every minute there is sunshine. We always play in trampoline, in your playhouse and also the swing. How I wish it’s always summer!
I mentioned on your 18 months update how worried I am that you may have speech delay. Well, this week you proved me I was wrong. You keep talking with words I don’t understand. I am happy that you are really gonna starts talking soon. It’s funny how things come and gone so quickly. You’re growing too fast. I asked myself sometimes wheres my baby girl.? All I can see is a busy toddler or a kid playing all the time. Time flies!!!
Anyway, since you really want to play iPad we teach you how to play some puzzle games and lately we are surprise that you already know how to complete the puzzle. I just hope you won’t get addicted with iPad too much. I love you baby girl. P.S. your hair is getting longer. You always wear ponytail lately. Can’t wait it to grow more. I want you to have long hair. 
Love Always,


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