DIY: Flower Cupcake Toppers

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last weekend I have my 30th birthday party held at our very own backyard. I don't really celebrate my birthdays but since it's a tradition here in Finland that when you turn 10, 20, 30 and so on there will be a little or huge party happening. My real birthday is June 11 but we held the party in June 8 so my friends who were busy at school can come. I also did it to celebrate Rianna's 18 months birthday on June 9. So it's me and her party joined together. 

As I mentioned here, all the decorations are made by me. I used two colors of printing paper and turned them into a cute decorations. Today I will show you how I make the flower cupcake toppers. It's easy and simple. And I don't spend anything for it as I already have all the things I needed like the papers, glue, and food stick.

DIY: Flower Cupcake Toppers

Things You Need:

Thick colored printing papers/ colored bond paper
Stick/ Toothpick


- Cut paper into little heart shape. Cut as many as you can in equal sizes.
- Fold the heart in the middle.
- Cut paper in circles. Size of the circle depends on the size of the flowers you want to make.
- Using glue attach the folded heart in the round shape paper. Glue only the half of the heart.
Repeat the step on the second heart overlapping the first heart paper.
- Do it until the round paper is fully covered. You will have a nice paper flower.
- Attach your stick at the back of the flower using a tape. 
- Done. Insert the stick on your cupcake. 

Tip: You can use two colors depends on your party theme. I used yellow and pink. Just glue them alternate to each color. 

You can read the full birthday party posts here, in case you miss reading it. More DIY decorations coming soon. Check back again soon! Thanks :)

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