Traveling With A Toddler, My Own Experience

Our trip to Cyprus was Rianna’s first time to ride an airplane. I was honestly worried days before the trip as to how baby girl would react when were inside the airplane. I didn’t know what to bring. Should  I bring food or milk or water? I was so confused. It was my first time traveling with toddler as well. 
When we were at the airport baby girl seems fine. Same as usual a happy kid we always love. Keep smiling and waving hands to strangers. I brought her milk but only in her cup and that’s all. Hubby and I decided to just try to buy milk there when we arrived. I didn’t bring any special food for her, just a few yogurt for her snacks. I brought her favorite toy and of course her pacifier.

When I thought it was hard flying with a toddler I was wrong. It’s different in every situation. The worst part of riding an airplane is the take off and the touchdown as it is very painful to the ears especially for little ones because of the pressure. We have been told to just let babies suck pacifier all the time. And that what Rianna did. She suck her pacifier and fall asleep as soon as the plane took off. The first few hour of flying was fine. She was sleeping, but after an hour and a half she woke up and started messing around. Do not want to sit and starts playing. It was hard to control her at first. So I let her eat her snacks and drink milk and then she settled down eventually. Sitting quietly while I’m talking to her and showing her the clouds. She went back to sleep half an hour before we arrive. Hubby and I laughed thinking maybe baby girl understood that its scary when airplane take off and touchdown and that she need to sleep to avoid it. She’s a good girl, isn’t she? The flight was only 4 hours. Im not sure how to handle her when we go to Philippines when the flight is over 13 hours. But we will see. 

The whole trip went well. We were there for a week. We bought the local fresh milk and yogurt. And thanks God Rianna didnt have any stomach bug at all. Were right she can drink any milk. At least here. We just let her eat the same food as we eat. She’s a good eater although picky sometimes. 
We often have a road trips and I make sure to always bring her water, milk and some snacks. Her snacks usually just yogurt and bread. 

She sleep better there. However at first nights she would wake up and ask for food or milk which is strange because she was trained not to have milk anymore at night. It was fine though, I give her what she wants to make her comfortable. 
I think she enjoyed the trip so much. Especially the pool. She loves playing in the pool and swim. We stayed at a family friendly resort and a villas. So it was so prefect for family holidays. The villa was huge we have bedroom, kitchen, living room and terrace. Enough space for Rianna to walk and run around. I was surprise at how we manage to travel with a toddler pretty well. Even though she got high fever one day and we need to cancel our road trip plans, still it was worth it. 
Tips for traveling with a toddler. Always makes them comfortable. Don’t forget to bring food, milk, water and medicine. Pacifier can make your toddler at peace to avoid the ear pressure. Try to make them sleep as much as possible during flights. Try to stay in a family friendly hotel where your toddler can enjoy their facilities like kiddy pool, play area, etc. 


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