” A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013″
83 weeks old
Rianna: Picking and eating berries.
Dear Baby girl,
The berries in the backyard are ready to eat. Well, we’ve been eating them since last week. At first you didn’t really like it. However, we kept trying to let you try it and now you seem loved it already. It’s good that you eat berries. You are picky when it comes to fruits. There are only few fruits that you like to eat. Mostly you just ignore or throw away. I hope this will change somehow. Fruits are healthy and it’s good if you eat fruits everyday. 
Last Friday we went to Linnanmäki. It’s your first time there. Weather was so hot and lovely that day. We let you walk and enjoy the place and we took few rides. The slow and free ones. It was fun. Meeting with mama’s friends and their kiddos. We love summer. I hope weather is always like this. I love meeting with our Filipino friends. You know chatting and catching up. It’s a big relief. So hard to live away from home! 
Anyway, so many no clothes photos of you lately. Well, it’s warm and were in our own backyard so we don’t need to wrap you. Besides, it’s good to expose your skin to sunlight. You’ve been suffering from worst skin dryness last winter, and now that sun is finally here, therefore we should take advantage. Your skin is so much better now! No more scaly. dry, itchy skin. 


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