” A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013″
84 weeks old

Rianna: Sitting on the chair. She go there by herself. 
Dear baby girl,
This weekend we attended birthday party at mama’s close friend in Helsinki. Her baby boy is now 3. You met your friends and it was nice to see you play with other kids same age as you. It was funny when you grabbed the microphone and starts singing during the sing along. No one understands your lyrics. You were so funny but it melts my heart. I never thought of you having interests in singing. But its nice to know! You were good girl when were there. You eat food, have good nap. However uncomfortable during nights.
We stayed there two nights. And so nice to be far from home for awhile. Mama had some quality time with her friends. Dada picked us up the following day and it makes me happy we don’t need to take a bus. So cold this week, so hassle to commute. I love you baby girl. Always be a good girl
Love, Mama



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