A Short Visit To Hamina

Few days ago we visited Hamina. It is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the Kymenlaakso region. 21249 and covers an area of 1,155.17 sq km of which 545.66 km² is water. An hour drive from Loviisa. It was just a quick visit. Actually we went there just to buy something. Hubby has been looking for a perfect cargo pants for him and couldn’t find any. Luckily, he found one perfect size, color and style of pants he wanted, but in the seppälä store in Hamina. So we went there. He’s very picky and choosy. Well, it was such a great adventure indeed. I got to see another town in Finland. I think Hamina is the last town before the Finland- Russia border. 

We didn’t check out the city as we go drive home right away. However, I took few photos from the city central and the nice lake view from the road. Some photos below:

… an awkward shots of me, proving I was really there! lol.

… a beautiful lake. Do you know that Finland has a thousand lakes? Yes it is and those lakes really looks amazing.

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