DIY: Party Drinking Glass (From a baby food jar)

Do you have many baby food jar at home that you just ignored? Why not convert them into a cute DIY party drinking glasses… I’ve been saving my baby’s food jar since she starts eating solid. Obviously, I have so many of them. If you can remember my last post on her birthday I also used baby food jar as a cupcake stand and drinking glasses. Here’s another ways on how to make a cute party drinking glasses using a baby food jar. It is easy and simple.
I always wanted my parties to be unique so I always tried to make my own decorations. On my birthday I used yellow and pink color to match with the summer season. I enjoyed making my own decorations where I can use my imaginations to create unique and simple things. I hope you like this DIY. Enjoy!

Party Drinking Glass DIY

Things you need:
Empty baby food jar
cardboard paper/ thick colored paper
How To:
- Wash your baby food jar carefully. Remove the labels.
- To make a paper flower: 
- Cut paper into little heart shape. Cut as many as you can in same sizes.
- Fold the heart in the middle.
- Cut paper in circles. Size of the circle depends on the size of the flowers you want to make.
- Using glue attach the folded heart in the round shape paper. Glue only the half of the heart.
Repeat the step on the second heart overlapping the first heart paper.
- Do it until the round paper is fully covered. You will have a nice paper flower.
- Cut 1/2 inch wide  paper and wrap the middle of the jar with it. 
Attach your paper flower  in the jar.

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