When The Sun Shines Brightly

It’s almost middle of March. While every ones dreaming of Spring to come we are still having cold days here in the south. Every sunny days are a blessings and we are making the most out of it. It’s a sunny day today. The sun rays came through our window in the living room giving us so much light and warm. It isn’t an ordinary day. It’s a special day to celebrate and enjoy as the weather forecast says a lot of snow is coming in the weekend. So where is the spring going when we still have snow coming, in the middle of March?
It’s hard to breath. My nose is dry and I feel sick for few days now. Our house heater is still on and I have to open windows to cool the house a little bit. It’s very warm inside the house and it feels like summer already. Can I just pretend its summer already and stay outside with a shirt and  a pair of shorts? I miss the warm the sun brings to my skin. I miss the moments being able to enjoy the sun outside without any worries about anything.
For when the sun shines brightly, everything seems perfect, and nice, and beautiful!

At least to me!

My baby girl was also sick this past few days. I just love her very much that I cannot stop from hugging and kissing her even though I have flu. I felt sorry I passed the sickness onto her. Her nose always have watery (fluid) and if I don’t see it she just let it run through her mouth. It’s dirty I know. She was hot and feel really sick. But I know her, she loves playing outside. I will not let the sickness makes her bored more, so we walk to the park together, and she was happy, as always.

Before we go out, I always asked her “Missä kengat on?” (where’s your shoes) and then she would run and find her shoes and then bring it to me. While dressing her she is already wearing her gloves. She choose what hat to wear. She open the drawers where my stuffs are and handed me my hat and scarfs, and so as her fathers. She is my little smart girl.
We enjoyed walking to the park. We are lucky the park is very near where we live. We walk hand in hand. Her tiny hands hold tightly on mine. We are like lovers walking on the street and not care about the things around us. When crossing the road, we walk fast as we can.We enjoyed the park just the two of us, until few mothers and babies came. Swing is her favorite thing in the park. She loves it and giggles all the time. As her mom I make sure I captured all the details from our adventures. The camera is always there in my purse ready anytime I want to take photographs. I love to be able to document moments and someday we will be both happy when we see all these photographs. A photographs and memories when she was little. For time passes by quickly, sooner or later she will be grown up, even before we knew it.

I let her run and walk wherever she likes. She enjoyed so much that she even forget she was sick.
The sun shines brightly and it was really warm. It feels like summer, even though the wind is cold. The sky was clear and blue. I could not see any clouds. The day was great, and warm, and lovely.
When the sun shines brightly, every things clear and perfect. I love it. I just loved it!
After an hour at the park, baby girl was tired so I asked her if we can go home already. She does not want to leave. But when I asked her; “Missä dada on?“…. she stopped a while and said; “dada… dada…” and smiled and she walked towards the gate. This girl is always a daddy’s girl. She will not go home not until I asked her where is her father.

It was past 2 o’ clock in the afternoon. I wanted to stay longer in the sun, but it was time for baby girl’s afternoon nap.
We have snow coming this saturday and I am hoping that will be the last snow this season. Could not wait for spring any longer. For a change, cold is too much, right? Time for new season. Time for spring. Time for flowers and plants to start blooming again. Time to appreciate the colors of the nature. Time for more fun adventures. Time to stay outside and enjoy the sun.
When the sun shines brightly… things are great and awesome!

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