18 Months

18 Months Old
June 9, 2013
So our Rianna turned 18 months old last week. Although she is perfectly healthy there is one thing I am so worried about. They said toodler at 18 months should already start talking. Rianna hasn’t yet and it makes me worried. I know she understand things especially when we talk to her or ask her to do something, she responded. But not any words. I know how difficult for her too because even me I am confused what language I am going to speak to her. This multilingual/bilingual family thing makes it hard for us. I speak with her with my own language. And sometimes I use English or Finnish. I know she should learn Finnish or will learn Finnish language faster but they also said that I should use my own dialect to her, my mother tongue. So it is quite confusing even in my part. But because of this issue I decided to teach her Finnish instead. Most of our books are Finnish so I think I should just read her more.
If you belong to a bilingual family what language you first teach to your baby/children? As to what everybody says use what the mothers dialect and baby will learn fast. Either way, we use 3 languages so I know how confusing it is.
Riannas first word was dada. It takes awhile before she said mama or äiti. She’s trying to speak as we talk to her but no real words coming out from her mouth. It’s just pure hmmm yooh yooh daahhhh etc…. I know I should just be more patience but I can stop to worry. What you think I should do?
Now that she’s 18 months we converted her old baby’s bed into toddlers bed. This is just temporary until we find perfect little girls bed. Besides she’s sharing our room so we obviously cannot put her bigger bed there. Unless we provide her own room. But not sure whens that gonna happen. Sorry babygirl. Right now I’m happy to be with here all the time. Day and night.
Regarding her food and milk, I mentioned on this post that I stopped letting her use baby bottles. It went well so far except that she don’t drink too much milk after that. She drink her milk through a cup or a glass. So far she’s getting use to it and been good holding her own cup. Still practicing her spoon holding skills. We always try to teach her hold the spoon properly, but this girl loves to use her hands instead. Well, we just keep trying. I know she will learn eventually.
So I guess this is all I can say about her 18 months update. She’s growing fast and healthy and we love her very much!

Weight: 11, 760 grams
Height: 80.5
Head: 46,7
Teeth: Complete


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    unless she has other developmental issues I would not worry too much. From what I have read children in bilingual families often do take a little longer to acquire language skills. My sister didn’t start talking till nearly 4. First words “I want some more orange juice please”. We were not a bilingual family, she just didn’t have anything to say. Me I started saying “No” before I was 1 lol

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